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It means you’d like us to work together on your career development.

Below are ways to work together, so you don’t have to navigate the tricky transitions alone.

This is the period when you are just stepping into your role. As a new manager, you're expected to lead your team to success while adjusting to a new set of responsibilities and expectations. There is uncertainty; there is fear, and your confidence wavers.  

This impacts how you lead and show up.

You didn’t get this far to fail. This is where I come in, Wave’s Gotcha!

It’s bold because, as a New and Emerging Manager, there’s a period of the tricky transitions.

This is not just a great move, but a bold one!

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Mindset Mastery: Learn how your mindset must be conditioned for change for your next level

Always on Stage: Learn how to craft the communication of your messaging and managing of others in a high-value and intentional way.

Adding Value: Learn how to add value through relationship building to stand out and become memorable.

Three areas of focus:

You can’t just decide to be a manager when you become one!

Position yourself as the ideal managerial candidate in as little as a month with the Emerge A Manager accelerator program.

This accelerator course introduces participants to the soft skills and behaviours needed to become successful managers. The program is delivered in a blended learning format of online learning and coaching sessions. 

At the end of the program, you will be better equipped and positioned for that next step with the career hacks necessary to get you noticed and stand out.

Emerge A Manager

Accelerator Program

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With our Intention 20/20 Workshop - Creating a Vision for your Life, you will discover the power of clarity and purpose. This transformative process to help you uncover your deepest desires and set intentional goals. You'll learn how to cultivate a clear vision, set achievable targets, and create a roadmap to success. This interactive online workshop is designed to give you the tools to live a life with purpose and meaning.

Don't let another day go by feeling lost or unsure. Join us for Intention 20/20 and experience the joy and satisfaction of a life lived with intention. Register now and take the first step towards living the life you've always dreamed of.

Self Leadership involves getting clear on who you are and what your purpose is. It is leading yourself so that you can show up powerfully for others.

Leading others first begins with Self-leadership!

Intention 20/20 workshop —
Creating a Vision for your Life

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What it entails:

Are you a new manager seeking advice? The advice I'm about to share is rather simple, yet profound once you understand.

The secret to your success in leadership is to master your relationships at work. And you can get there, faster than you think.

Let me be your coach and guide.

Communicate to Influence

90-day 1:1 Coaching Program

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Investing in yourself has never been easier. In just 1-2 hours, you'll leave feeling empowered, motivated, and with a clear action plan for success. Whether you're looking to overcome a challenge, improve your work relationships, or reach a specific goal, our Career Coaching Session is designed to help you make meaningful and lasting changes.

Don't wait any longer. Book your Career Coaching Session today and start living the life you deserve!

Sometimes you need an unbiased, experienced expert to guide you through those challenging and tricky work situations.

Do you feel lost and unsure of your next step? Or do you need guidance over a tricky work challenge?

Career Coaching

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