I'm Waveney Henry, Lead Relationship-Handler + Situations Specialist.

As Director of HR for a Caribbean based hospitality luxury brand, and 13 years as a dedicated HR mover and shaker, I’ve boldly progressed through every angle of the hospitality industry.

This isn’t about bullying and emotional force
This isn’t about manipulating and making mean comments
This isn’t about pitting one person against another and misusing natural group dynamics

My “relationship-handler” status means I take responsible leadership in corporate settings to heart.

In these highly demanding times, you must be able to relate to someone at a level that doesn’t damage or destroy.

My Philosophy

Change Your

I’m sure you know from experience. Cruelty never leads to good life-moments. And bad managers never lead to organizational atmospheres that amount to anything less than a poisonous war zone.

Which is why if you realize a hidden gap in effectiveness exists because the personal element is missing from your everyday team encounters. And you’re lost with the general management advice out there with no clue as to how “be human and get vulnerable” translates into work relationships that are equal parts functional and fulfilling…

Then, this is the professional leadership resource for you to bridge this common leadership gap without worrying about being seen as awkward or inexperienced in front of your boss and all your colleagues

Join me & The People’s Brand as I endeavor to be the mentor-guide FOR YOU I wish I had, when I first started in Human Resources for an elevated manager experience guaranteed to make your leadership journey as effective and enjoyable as possible.

“Like you...I’ve had more hit and runs with Cruella dE vil-type supervisors than I like to recall”

You don’t need a resume filled with decades of top-level, high touch or “assistant to the CEO” type of experiences
You don’t need to know the “right” people or have connections others covet
You don’t need to say certain things to look a certain way to those in power

Let’s crush the bad manager phenomenon.


Create your change

This is about “The Best In You” making the best of every management situation you find yourself operating in.

Get to know me


I love quotes.

OMG...can I tell you how much I love quotes. I think it's fascinating how a few short sentences can be totally soul stirring. My favourite quote is by Joseph Campbell who said "Follow your bliss and the universe will open doors where there were only walls."


I am Vege-Pisca-terean.

On my 38th birthday, I decided to start honouring myself and my body more. One of the ways I chose to do this was to start by drinking green juice daily. I had no thoughts of becoming a vegetarian. But as time went on, I became more fascinated with the idea of eating healthy and taking care of ME more. The reason I say that I'm Vege-Piscata-rean is because in my country the options are really limited so I only eat seafood IF I choose to when I am out.


I'm a coffee lover.

I call caffeine my one bad habit. That I REFUSE to break :) Love me a vanilla or caramel latte with almond milk.



I’ve loved reading ever since I was a child. My favourite childhood books were the Nancy Drew and Enid Bylton series. As an adult I read more non-fiction and I have so many favourites however, one book that I really love and shared and bought for almost everyone I knew was, "The Leader Who Had No Title" by Robin Sharma. The reason I love this book is, it shows that no matter what job you do you can make a difference and an impact.

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