Are you a new manager seeking advice?

The advice I'm about to share is rather simple, yet profound once you understand.


The secret to your success in leadership is to master your relationships at work.

Turn your conversations into connections

"90% of being a successful manager requires you to master your people skills."

Your success as a new leader is not only dependent on how well you can interact with your team but also your boss and peers.

You're surrounded by people!

You may laugh at the obvious, but most managers fail not because they are not competent but because they underestimate how important mastering your relationships at work truly is.




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I am guessing…

You're so focused on proving yourself, to your boss and the company that they made the right decision, that you're neglecting building those connections.

You probably figure by adjusting your personality, by asserting yourself a little bit more, will work, after all, you need to establish your authority as the leader with your team.

Because you really wish there was a new manager manual that tells you exactly how to behave, what to say and do to build credibility at work.

Heck, you even wish you had someone who could tell you exactly what to do and not do so you can shine! Someone you can be open and transparent with, no judgement.

But the truth of it all is, you are really wondering deep down if you are the right person for this position, you are wondering if you could really do this job.

You want to be the best at what you do, and you want to succeed!

Is this you?

You've tried being friendly, without being friends.

What clients are saying

"No one ever told me that to win big (and consistently) in “hospitality readiness” I’d require more than a dazzling smile and a delightful disposition — except for Waveney! 

She prepared me to be strong to conquer the tests of my industry — quick! Which led to my immense growth and steady progress. The practical wisdom in her bold lifeline of guidance challenged me to lay the foundation of my own distinction as a relationship-centric leader. 

This elevated focus on how I approach team connections catapulted me from fresh faced newbie-grad to the confident leader I am today, in less than 3 years. ...And the most fulfilling development?

My newfound mission to make certain my professional impact influences
and uplifts everyone around me. In a way that makes me feel professionally AND personally satisfied."

— Candace Warner (Operations Manager)

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Now more than ever in a competitive market, it’s important to get your leadership foundation right. At the heart of leadership is human connection.

This I have learnt from not only being in several leadership positions but also in my role as an HR Professional for over 13 years. Leadership influence is a by-product of managing those relationships that matter. Here’s the thing, once you're in a leadership role, you need to understand one thing only, and that is your work is done through people!

You can’t do it alone and you shouldn't!

I've been where you are, I see you!

You want:

To have a much more clear understanding of what being a leader means, and what is really expected.

To be able to courageously guide, coach and correct your team without worrying if you said the wrong thing. 

To be able to build that rapport and to speak clearly and confidently to your boss, peers and other senior leaders in the organisation.

But most importantly you want that assurance deep down that you are on the right path and you are focusing on the right things.

Wave's Gotcha!

Waveney Henry

I’m Waveney, Lead Relationship-Handler + Situations Specialist at the People’s Brand.

I’m the relationship handler and no-nonsense negotiator you wish you had on your side every time you encounter a complex “people” situation.

A dynamic 13 year Human Resource professional, 17-year hospitality leader combined with secret skills to squash the threat of World War III in any office environment, bringing on the power of peace so the real work gets done.

I am here to help you transform your leadership journey. I hold a certificate in Training & Human Resources from The University of Leceister and hold a PHRi certification from the HRCI institute.

Throughout my professional and personal career I have facilitated and designed training programs to meet the needs of my clients.

Communicate to Influence


Master Confidence, Connection & Influence at Work in 90 Days.

This program is designed to develop the communication techniques of new leaders so that they can connect, inspire and influence their relationships at work. New leaders will establish genuine rapport and create influence within their teams, boss and peers by using the Sphere of Influence model focusing on Connection, Action, Trust and Influence.

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Before Communicate to Influence you are:

After Communicate to Influence you will be:


Doubting your competence and experience wondering if you made the right decision. If you can really do the job.


Changing your personality to suit the person and conversation; feeling inauthentic when communicating with others at work.


Feeling stressed and anxious about work.


Taking everyone's advice, and using Google university, only ending up being frustrated because the information is too general and not specific enough for your situation.

Resolute and certain in your mind on what is expected of a leader. Knowing that you have what it takes and that you are the right fit for the job.

Feeling confident in knowing you don’t have to change the core of who you are, you only needed strategies that work.

Establishing a charismatic yet influential presence so that people listen and respond when you speak.

Having the courage to deliver and communicate difficult conversations

What clients are saying

"My experience with Waveney and The People's Brand was nothing short of amazing. Waveney helped clarify some of my uncertainties and gave me a boost of confidence every time we met. She created a safe space which allowed me to be honest with myself and with her. She was always well prepared for our sessions and was very detailed and thorough in the resources she provided to help me overcome some of my challenges. I am very grateful to have worked with her and would highly recommend Waveney and The People's Brand to anyone looking to transform their personal and professional life."

— Nyoka Giles (Value Stream Manager)

Communicate to Influence:
The Connection Curriculum

here's what You'll Learn:

→ A Leader's mindset

Together we set the foundation for your success by delving into what makes an influential leader and we create a vision for your future by building your ideal leader profile.

→ From I to We

After we’ve set the foundation, we focus on a critical transition that each leader needs to make to be successful. Moving from Individual Contributor mode to a Front Line Leader mindset.

→ Communication style

Here we focus on developing your awareness around your unique communication style and how you are perceived. Looking at your strengths and working on developing the areas of opportunities.

→ Influential Leadership

You'll be introduced to the Sphere of Influence framework, a tool to be used for building connections, establishing trust and developing influence.

→ Critical Conversations

You’ll be taught how to use the conflict management framework as a tool to approach critical conversations.

→ Sustaining Success

Being a successful leader also means showing up holistically. You’ll be introduced to proven tools that will help you maintain what you’ve learnt during our time together.

Master Confidence, Connection & Influence at Work in 90 Days

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I'll be your Coach, Support
& Accountability partner
for 90 days!

Using my proven framework I will help you drive results and develop influence in your organisations by mastering the art of building the relationships required for you to be successful in leadership.

Six 1:1 coaching calls on a bi-weekly basis

Client portal equipped with tools, videos and actionable items

Virtual support either via email and/or Whatsapp

For 12 weeks (90 days), we will work together and connect by:

Feedback that is safe, unbiased and encouraging

I Know You're On The Fence Right Now

But ask yourself this...can you really afford to continue day in, and day out feeling anxious and unsure, about your leadership skills, and whether or not you are making real progress?

The world of work has changed drastically and it will keep evolving. Now more than ever communicating in an influential way is critical to the success of every leader. From pandemics to remote teams, communicating change has to be impactful.

It's not about your competence, it's about your influence!

You may have gotten advice from well-meaning friends and other leaders. But it doesn’t feel AUTHENTIC to you and you’re wondering if you missed something or if you executed incorrectly. This is because most advice you will get works for that specific individual!

What you need is an EXPERT who has had the EXPERIENCE of coaching many persons but who can coach and support you in a way that is truly unique to you! In this program you will have dedicated support, you will not have to worry about what others think, because it will be just you and I working together to enhance and develop your communication and leadership influence.

I help new female leaders, leverage their communication, build relationships and emerge as Influential Leaders.

Frequently Asked Q's

Have Questions? We Have Answers.


Are there any prerequisites?

This program is for persons who are in a management position. We recognize that your title may not say Manager but if you are a Supervisor and you lead a team this program is for you.


How does the program work?

The program is a combination of 1:1 coaching conducted virtually, as well as there is a client portal where all the activities, videos and homework is housed. We will work through 6 modules each building on a key framework.

Coaching calls are on a bi-weekly basis for 90 minutes, calls are recorded and will be sent to you after each session. You will have access to the client portal for the duration of the program.


What's the time commitment?

I recommend setting aside 4 hours each week to work on the activities of the program.


How will I measure success?

To be successful in the program you must be fully committed to showing up and doing the required activities. Your key indicator of success will be the transformation you would have gained after each module and the overall program completion.


How do I know this is for me?

Let's be clear this program is not for everyone. However, if you are driven, open-minded and committed to your professional development; you want to operate in excellence and do your best work each day, then this program is for you.


What is the refund policy?

The program is non-refundable.

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