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I'm Waveney Henry, Career and leadership coach.

I help new managers unlock their potential, position their careers & develop influential leadership at work.

“If you are a newbie manager (or fresh-to-recent hire) who isn’t secure with an authentic method to handle sticky encounters in the work environment…”

I am THE strengthsfinder 2.0 personified and in living color for the newbie manager. I help you develop the leadership structure that matches the core of your character traits AND your career trajectory. 

So you never feel fake, forced, or frustrated when you lead others. less time than it takes to qualify for yet *another* professional certification to “prove your worth” to your boss!

about Waveney

As a leadership coach with a focus on influence, the Big Idea is that everything you do is through the connections you nourish with people.

Which means you should uncover the potential and inner gifts you already have that make your connections effective.

In my work, I endeavor to help you get laser-focused on this so you do your best work even if you have to deal with boss who’s a horrible example of a leader 

Because once you reach that elevated vantage point? You’re at the perfect level to model a step by step blueprint that guides you in your role in every situation.

When “influence” catapults your magical manager moves:

You understand how to protect and power up your performance levels (attitude and willingness to work).

You discover the power to manage the hectic hierarchy of your team, your boss, and senior leaders with ease.

You remember why you’re here doing the work you do AND the potential impact and influence you can have on the world around you.

I invite you to boost your confidence in this YOU-focused space, here at The People’s Brand HQ, as I demonstrate how you can stop accidentally letting your best qualities go UNNOTICED at work.

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"I wanted to feel more confident about leading in a non-technical environment. After watching a few lives on @peoplesbrandskn I was convinced that the Communicate To Influence coaching program would bridge my gap. The course was clear, concise, and easy to consume. Waveney was nothing short of amazing to work with. She is a true professional with a wealth of knowledge and experience in PEOPLE. She is also very perceptive and was able to teach me a few things about myself. I am so happy that I invested in myself and would recommend this course to anyone who is trying to level up as a leader."

— Arian Blanchard

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